Andhra Pradesh Roller Skating Association (APRSA) is the registered state body for the sport Roller Skating , affiliated with Roller Skating Federation of India (RSFI). APRSA is recognized by Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh Olympic Association.

APRSA was established in the year of 2014. APRSA is affiliated with Roller Skating Federation of India (R.S.F.I) (National Parent body of Roller Skating of India) since 1955, which is affiliated with Federation Internationale de Roller Sports(FIRS) (World Parent body of Roller Skating) since 1971. R.S.F.I is founder member of the Asian body Confederation Asian Roller Skating(C.A.R.S) (In 1978).Roller Skating Federation of India was accorded recognition by the Government of India since September 1990 followed by recognition by the Indian Olympic Association.

We have a very good relation with the Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh. The Sports Authorities supports our skaters financially for their International – Events. They recognises them in admission in academics. Our Skaters are also recognised by the SAAP in public sector jobs.